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Elvis @Argentina 1956-1962

The Most Awaited Argentinean Elvis Book
This new book by Carlos R. Ares shows the impact of Elvis in Argentina between 1956 and 1962, his influence on local artists, complete discography and filmography, press clippings, records and films reviews, magazines, promotional material, RCA label copies and everything related to the aforementioned period in Argentina. 

Hundreds of records, documents, posters, RCA label copies never before on print!!! Over 200 pages of ultra-rare Argentinean collectors ítems on display.

There’s more!!!

Many years of work and research showcased on Elvis@Argentina 1956-1962 book.
For more info you can contact Carlos Ares by his e-mail address elvis.shop@gmail.com
Update September 13, 2017 






Von Carlos Ares ist das am 01.09.2017 erschienene Buch "Elvis @ Argentina 1956 - 1962 und dieses beinhaltet die komplette Disco- bzw. Filmographie von Elvis in Argentinien.


Die ersten 50 Expemplare, des über 2 kg schweren Buches, wurden nummeriert und vom Autor signiert.